The Snug

Here’s our page for any off the wall stuff you’d like publishing, nothing “heavy” just a bit of a laugh?


Footage Of The Standard-Triumph Factory, early 1960’s

Invaluable footage, showing how our cars were built, not a robot in sight!


Skelly’s Ford.

Not a Triumph, but may provoke a few memories for us oldies?





Triumph World Cartoon

Shortly after Liverpool was announced as 2008 European Capital Of Culture, Triumph World magazine published [in the Oct/Nov 2005 edition] the following “cartoon”. Hilarious, eh?

triumphworldcartoon croppedI was rather incensed, and took pen to paper [ok, keyboard to inkjet] and took Triumph World to task. I’ll let you decide if the following reply  from the late Editor Tony Beadle placated me in any way….. in all honesty I was left scratching my head. At least he admitted responsibility for publishing the cartoon and saw fit to reply. I had a quick chat with him about it at Stafford a year or two later, he seemed embarrassed more than anything, maybe due to me busily buying up all his stock of magazines?  Alex.

Triumphworld Culture


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